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Our Story

Who are we? 

Hi! My name is Jocelyn. I am one half of the Average Lost Couple, along with my husband Keith. We are high school sweet hearts with 5 years of marriage under our belt and just under 14 years together collectively. We are located in Tampa, FL, we both moved here from Lakeland, FL to attend College at the University of South Florida; and never left. We get the best of the Florida experience here in Tampa Bay with mostly great weather, sandy beaches, night life, and plenty of outdoor activities. Now we get to add a Sports Fans dream with our Super Bowl winning Football team, two time Stanley Cup winning Hockey team, and our almost World Series winning Baseball team. 

What made us interested in Travel? 

Our travel interest weren't exactly aligned before we got married. I had several opportunities to travel outside the US and he had more experience with traveling around the US. Due to our different experiences we were both more adamant to travel one way over the other. However, during our first year of marriage we took trips that brought us around the US, and internationally. In each of these trips we learned each others why and found out that our travel interest weren't so different after all; we both love the exposure to different cultures, climates, experiences, and opportunity to learn about the rich history of each of our destinations. After those trips our eyes were opened to the big world surrounding us, and we were eager to explore more. 

Why Average Lost Couple? 
About two years ago we decided to start an instagram and youtube account to share our travel experiences with others. When thinking of what to call ourselves we settled on Average Lost Couple; the name first it started out as a joke because we are just "average joes" in the social media sphere, but we do think it fits who we are; Just every day people experiencing life to what we hope is the fullest. 


What we hope you get out of our content 
We hope in sharing our story and experiences we can inspire and encourage you to get out there and travel. We hope you will come along with us on this journey, and share your stories with us. We love connecting with fellow travelers. 

See you out there, 
Average Lost Couple 

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